Philippe Eullaffroy


Over 20 year of coaching experience at high-level youth and professional organization as Head Coach and Academy Director. Coached in MLS (as assistant), USL and USSDA. Founded the Montreal Impact Academy (rated among the top 4 academies in MLS – Double Pass audit 2016).

Overall philosophy

It is important to have a playing philosophy that reflects your own mentality, reflects the club and gives you a clear direction to follow. It is vital to clearly outline a unique playing identity that aligns with the club’s values. My responsibility is to create a shared identity to help motivate teams, and players, to greater performance. We need to promise big and to deliver. I believe in a playing philosophy that is very emotional, very fast and very strong. As a coach / developer I’m a confident giver. We play the same way we live.

Coaching, creativity & innovation

Creativity is a vital part of football not only on the pitch but also off the pitch. A modern coach has to be just as innovative and creative as any player. Soccer is more than athletic prowess and technical know-how. Soccer is about ideas. New ideas from players and coaches are the motor that drives football and ensures its evolution.

How to win ∕ Style of play

Winning is important but so is how you win and how you play the game. I like and want to attack the opponent non-stop – when we have the ball, when we lose it and when the opposition have it. I want to win every game, but I know it is impossible, so if I must lose, I want to choose how i.e. the power of our playing identity and core values.For me good soccer is the soccer you remember.

Working philosophy

Talent is not a gift but a process (of learning). You don’t start out with talent; it only comes through education and training. Everything in our immediate environment impacts this process. Training is part of the education the players receive and through it they activate and express the elements that allow them to excel at soccer. Training is not about mechanically repeating a series of actions but about understanding exactly why you are doing them. It is vital the players make their own decisions during training sessions. The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. (A. Trefor). New systems, formations or positioning of players are just some of the things that will challenge established norms and the idea of approaching each game differently whilst maintaining our style of play and our identity.

My approach

The environment in which the players grew up and operated in is the key and an important part of a high-performing culture. Success has absolutely nothing to do with good luck but lots to do with a good culture. It is important to be sure that you know which external factors a player, a coach, is dealing with and then storing a solution for problems that he specifically facing. This is part of how optimizing his progression / development. I work hard, develop new ideas and then adapt them, listen to my players and work to convince them. I am always ready to change or discard ideas as long as my core philosophy and club’s values are preserved. In other words, rather like the rest of us, I’m a human being in constant evolution, driven by my own ambition and inspired by the world around me, a man who constantly questions himself.


High performance structure

– Founded 10 years ago the Academy of the Montreal Impact FC (MLS). Create the player development philosophy and then constantly optimizing it. Oversee all areas pertaining to the direction of the Academy. Manage and direct the overall development of young players

– both sporting and life skills. Organize and lead the process of players developing within the Montreal Impact youth
development system and transitioning to its professional platform in MLS.

– Founded 6 years ago the Pre-Academy (U8-U12) of the Montreal Impact FC.
– Founded 8 years ago the Academy Institute (extracurricular activities pursued off the field).


– U14 International Tournament (1st edition in 2016)
– Biello’s Festival (U13 State Tournament, 1st edition in 2013)

Montreal Impact FC Academy success

Under my leadership, over the last 10 years, 20 homegrown players have signed first-team deals
as their professional careers get underway (3 in 2020). Nine (9) of them are part of the 2020
Montreal Impact first-team roster (30%).
development system and transitioning to its professional platform in MLS.

– Founded 6 years ago the Pre-Academy (U8-U12) of the Montreal Impact FC.
– Founded 8 years ago the Academy Institute (extracurricular activities pursued off the field).

  • James Pantenis
  • Jonathan Sirois B
  • allou Tabla
  • Keesean Ferdinand
  • Tomas Giraldo
  • Anthony Jackson-Hamel
  • Mathieu Choinière
  • Clément Bahiya
  • Karifa Yao
Moreover, 9 Academy staff, developed under my supervision, being promoted to First Team roles.
  • Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)
  • Wilfried Nancy (Montreal Impact)
  • Jules Gueguen (Montreal Impact)
  • Maxime Chalier (Montreal Impact)
  • Jason DiTullio (Montreal Impact)
  • Youssef Daha (Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps)
  • Yohann Damet (FC Cincinnati)
  • Jack Stern (Montreal Impact, FC Cincinnati)
  • Yannick Girard (Montreal Impact, Canada Senior National Team)

Montreal Impact FC Academy success

Over 60 players signed pro under my supervision, among them 51 players were developed in the Montreal Impact Academy.
Finally, in 2018, the Montreal Impact FC transferred a homegrown player, Ballou Tabla, to Barcelona for more than $1 million.


The Montreal Impact FC Academy has been extremely successful since joining the US Soccer Development Academy in the 2012-2013 season
(the Academy was founded in 2011). Apart from the inaugural season, the IMFC U-19, U-17 & U15 teams have made the USSDA playoffs almost
every possible season (94%, 100% over the last 5 seasons) and have reached the final 4, or 8 (Cup), every 1.6 seasons.


In Double Pass evaluations (a  renown Belgian company that assesses and advises soccer clubs, (con)federations and leagues on optimising their
talent development) released after the 2015-2016 & 2018-2019 seasons, the IMFC Academy was ranked among the best Academies in the country.
The Montreal Impact Academy gave the most players (37%) to the Canadian National Youth Teams in the last 3 years.

International Experience

In 2013, as an assistant-coach with the first team, I helped the team to clinch for the first time in Club’s history, a playoff berth. The same year,
we won the Canadian Cup (Amway Cup) and qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. I participate to 4 group stage games in this

More than 90  Montreal Impact Academy Players have appeared with the youth national teams of Canada, or Haiti. Most recently Seven
Montreal Impact Academy players appeared in the 2019 FIFA Under-17 World Cup. Maxime Crépeau, Anthony Jackson Hamel, Ballou Tabla,
James Pantemis and Wandrille Lefèvre, became the first IMFC Academy-products to play for the Canadian Men’s Senior National Team.

Coached the Montreal Impact Reserve team in USL for 2 years. This team was exclusively composed, i.e. 100%, of Academy players
(average age of the team 19.5 years). Each year players made incredible improvement through out the season leading the team to finish 4th on 12
and 9th on 14 in regard of the results obtained the second half of each season. These 2 seasons led 5 players to sign an MLS contract with the
Montreal Impact first team (B. Tabla, T. Meilleur-Giguère, D. Choinière, J. Pantemis, L. Béland-Goyette).

Stade de Reims (France): Coached the U19 and Reserve team during my time there. I also scout the opponent of the first team. I participate to the
development of several players as Aurelien Collin (Philadelphia Union, MLS) or Alex Cuvillier (Nancy, France) etc…

NCAA and Canadian University Experience

Since 2012, over 35  Montreal Impact Academy players have earned Division 1 NCAA and Canadian University soccer scholarships.
The most recent players to receive a full athletic scholarship from very prestigious universities are Marques Antoine (University of Maryland),
Tristano Fasulo (Princeton University) & Moulay Hamza Belghiti (Princeton University).


  • 20 = Homegrown players signed in 10 years (avg. 2 players / season)
  • 51 = Former Montreal Impact Academy players signed a pro contract nationally and internationally (avg. 5 players / season)
  • 37% of the Canadian Youth National Teams players from the Montreal Impact Academy
  • USSDA Playoffs Qualification = 100% over the last 5 years
  • 5 qualifications to the USSDA / Cup Finals Week  = Once every 1.6 years
  • 61 = % wins with the teams he has coached
  • 3 = High performance soccer programs that he founded
  • 35 = Number of full college soccer scholarships earned by IMFC Academy players (avg 3.5 / year)
  • 15 in CPL on 2020

Montreal Impact FC Academy

Under -19
  • USSDA Finals Week  (Championship & Cup): 2020, 2014, 2015
  • USSDA Playoffs: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • USSDA East Division Champions: 2015, 2018 (1st in 2020 when season was stopped)
  • USSDA East Division Top 3: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Under -17
  • USSDA Finals Week (Championship & Cup): 2020, 2018
  • USSDA Playoffs: 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • USSDA East Division Champions: 2018, (1st in 2020 when season was stopped)
  • USSDA East Division Top 3: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Generation adidas Cup: 2018 (Semifinals)
Under -15 (in USSDA since the 2017-2018 season)
  • USSDA Playoffs: 2018, 2019
  • USSDA East Division Champions: 2018, 2019 (1st in 2020 when season was stopped

Recognition & Awards

  • U17 USSDA Final four (2018)
  • U19 USSDA Final four (2015, 2016)
  • MLS playoffs (2013)
  • CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (2013) (Group stage) AMWAY CUP (Canadian Cup) (2013)
  • Canadian soccer league finalist (2012)
  • Canadian Soccer League Champion (2009)
  • Canada games gold medalist (2009)
  • University Coach of the year (2006-2007-2008)
  • ES Troyes: Team of the Century (fans’choice)
  • Fastest goal scored in the ES Troyes AC history

Software skills

Proficient with Microsoft Office
(i.e. Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook)

Playing career

  • ES Troyes AC: 1986-1991 – Meaux SC:1984-1986 College career
  • Univ. Quebec in Montreal (1993-1997)
  • ES Troyes AC Academy (1974-1984)

Additional info

Married, 1 kid
Double Citizenship: French and Canadian
Fluent in French, English and elementary Spanish

Essential Functions as Academy Director

I oversaw all areas pertaining to the direction of the Montreal Impact FC Academy. Manage and direct the overall development of young players – both sporting and life skills and budget. Create, organize and lead the process of players developing within the Montreal Impact youth development system and transitioning to the professional platform in MLS or elsewhere.
  • Create, maintain and evolve the Montreal Impact Academy philosophy, methodology, identity and curriculum.
  • Assist Academy coaches in their personal development (session, training plans, soft skills etc…)
  • Regularly attend Academy training sessions and games.
  • Ensure good communication with staff, players and parents and monitor level of play and behavior.
  • Oversee and assist Academy coaches in the creation of written development plans for each academy players
  • Develop evaluation template for Academy players
  • Ensure collection and storage of data on Academy Players (training/game logs, club KPIs, etc…)
  • Ensure that Academy players are participating in training and/or games with older age group
  • Assist with Sporting Director to ensure that Academy players are participating in professional training.
  • Work closely with Director of scouting and local youth scouts to identify and recruit promising young players for the Academy pursuant to playing philosophy and facilitates their integration into their respective teams.
  • Create and strengthen partnerships with local youth clubs.
  • Manage the annual budget for the Academy and assist in the development of each year’s budget plan.
  • Conduct weekly Academy staff meetings
  • Lead the hiring process of Academy staff
  • Determine performance objectives for the continued improvement of Academy staff and conduct annual reviews with each staff members.


Fred Lipka
Vice President & Technical Director, Player Development / MLS
Tel: +1 917-225-6612 |. Email:
Didier Chambaron
Head National Coach Instructor / US Soccer
Tel: +1 773-437-9626